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The Profit Nerd


Our vision is to provide seamless operational expansion for businesses moving from the start-up to growth stage.


Our mission is to advance brands in the development, enhancement, and strengthening of their supply chain operations.

Our expertise spans the entire supply chain spectrum. We guide CPG brands through developing, improving, and strengthening their supply chain operations. We achieve this through strategic sourcing, cost optimization, risk management, and crafting effective logistics strategies.

We simplify the complexities of supply chain management. Our hands-on approach tackles the intricacies of logistics and supply chain operations, making them easier to understand and manage. We collaborate closely with our clients to transform their supply chains into adaptable, efficient, agile, and sustainable processes.

In short, TPN helps CPG brands unlock the full potential of their supply chains.

Local Business Partners

In short, TPN helps CPG brands unlock the full potential of their supply chains.

The Founder & Owner, LaRitta Webb

LaRitta Webb is an operations & supply chain consultant, health and fitness enthusiast. Her purpose, passion and discipline as an athlete is equally demonstrated in her career as an operational leader. As an expert in strategic sourcing, supplier management, forecasting, procurement and contract negotiations, LaRitta is known for simplifying the often complex mind-numbing intricacies of supply chain operations.


LaRitta specializes in increasing profitability and cost savings for her clients by driving supply chain efficiencies throughout the entire procure to pay process. LaRitta's unique skillsets position her as a connector and innovator in the supply chain management industry, as she services businesses in every aspect of the supply chain process, including CPG brands, suppliers, 3PLs and retailers.

Having managed budgets over $500 million in a variety of industries such as automotive, technology, manufacturing and oil & gas, LaRitta's expertise is industry agnostic. Her specialty is project savings and increased margins! LaRitta is the go-to Profit Nerd for any scaling business.

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