Any firm can point to operational inefficiencies in your business.


Team Profit Nerd, however, stands out from the pack with their ability to dive deeply to analyze and provide solutions to the the gaps in each piece of your supply chain, drawing on their expertise, while processing the data to provide a custom solution.

We provide high-level corporate-style service, with a boutique customer focused feel.


We begin with an assessment of your current position, highlighting red flags and risks specific to your business.


Next we share our diagnostics and define clear benchmarks. We then go on to provide a review your operations, which includes an assessment of organizational design, setup, and testing.

What's Included In Bootcamp:

⭐️ A deep-dive audit of your current operations processes (this includes: suppliers, inventory, demand forecasting, fulfillment & distribution processing & more)


⭐️ A break-down of red flags & inefficiencies 


⭐️ A lean approach to simplify processes & eliminate 8 types of wastes in your business. Namely: Defects, Overproduction, Waiting, Non-utilized talent, Transportation, Inventory, Motion, and Extra-processing

⭐️ + Buying and spend analyses, supplier integration, and supplier management. Covering everything from quality assurance and finance / accounting, to engineering, sourcing, and all other crucial functions – bringing it all into harmony for you and your business.


The Bootcamp package maximizes returns in a one-time push toward simplification, yielding the standardization of agreements, unprecedented alignment and cooperation from key suppliers, and the significant reduction of costs that comes with the sheer reduction of suppliers overall.

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Gayneté Jones

LaRitta is invaluable. She is worth her weight in gold for sure in any business. So glad I brought her on when I did. She has saved my product-based  business thousands of dollars, saved me time through fulfillment efficiencies and created a solid line of communication with suppliers.

- Founder of Best, Periodt.

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Brandon Okpalobi

Working with the Profit Nerd has really changed the way we view operations and look at logistics. From start to finish, our supply chain will run smoothly and efficiently. Thank you for making sure we achieve our goals

DIBIA International

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