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Inventory and Demand Planning

Updated: Feb 9

Demand planning has been a common term that has begun dominating the business industry for the past few years. However, it has been found that very few people in the industry are well acquainted with this term. What does this term refer to? Demand planning is said to be a supply chain management procedure for predicting as well as forecasting the dictate for products to make sure that they can be delivered at the right time and can satisfy the customer needs.

All this is done to induce a balance between sufficient inventory requirements and meet customers' needs eliminating any surplus aspect in the business. Even though this seems to more beneficial, other people still have questions about why forecasting demand is crucial in a business setting. Let’s shed light on demand forecasting and its impacts!

Why Demand Forecasting is Important

Demand forecasting for businesses comes with numerous benefits. Forecasting demand gives the inventory a greater control panel for predicting the future demands for the business more perfectly. This also reduces the necessity for holding a significant percentage of the unused inventory stock existing in the business. This aspect also ensures proper collection of both manufacturing and sales data which vibrant for numerous activities within the business setting. The cost imposed on collecting this vital information is considered part of the inventory, making it affordable. According to analyzers, the online inventory management program is affordable compared to the manual means.

This means that the online channel is the best option for any business that wants to spend less n inventory management. This method is also exceptional since it presents the data collected in a meaningful manner that promotes the returns of the manufacturers as well as the business output. The primary benefit of the online management software is its ability to auto-updating data ensuring the forecasts change with the fluctuating needs of the manufacturer's needs in the market.

Developing a Strong Working Relationship with Demand Forecasting

Apart from demand forecasting being essential in the business development, it helps the manufacturers to leverage the existing underutilized stock. It enhances the relationship between the supplier and manufacturer so that when the stock is required as a result of seasonal effects, the reasons for holding the given stock in large numbers are planned and stated; thus, the manufacturer can adjust to the desired requirements.

In return, this makes an excellent supply chain process and the process of manufacturing. It reduces the expenditure of the inventory and storage for the respective manufacturer and the supplier. It is obvious that being in a position to predict the requirement of customer demands for particular products promotes the relationship between the two parties and enhances competition between suppliers.

Initiating an Incredible Inventory Control Approach

Demand planning/forecasting accounts for many factors that affect a business and its rate of production. According to the research done about demand forecasting, various internal inputs from the manufacturing inventory management data and the sales records from different suppliers can be fed into an online inventory management program to develop the demand forecast.

On the other hand, other external influences can also be taken through the same program and come up with a clear glimpse of the future customer demands. The manufacturers in the business industry get a clear picture of how to schedule their manufacturing program while the suppliers identify the products they should mainly major in.

Identify Best Levels for Inventory Optimization

An excellent demand forecast displays the essential raw materials for the optimization of the inventory for better results. Through perfect optimization of inventory, there is the reduction of things such as the Bullwhip effect that always occurs across the supply chain in different businesses. This also eradicates stocking issues caused by the fluctuating business tides.

Drawbacks of Poor Management of Inventory

Lack of transparency in the inventory management has a severe impact on the entire business operation. It can alter both the financial plans of the business and ruin its reputation in the industry. When an item can’t be sold at its exact price, the company is at a high risk of incurring significant losses. On other occasions, poor management of the business inventory can result in the downfall of a particular business.

Bottom Line

Demand forecasting has a significant positive impact on a business. It dramatically helps in eliminating unnecessary losses that the business undergoes. Generally, entrepreneurs need to incorporate this aspect in their day-to-day operations.

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