Any firm can point to operational inefficiencies in your business.


Team Profit Nerd, however, stands out from the pack with their ability to dive deeply to analyze and provide solutions to the the gaps in each piece of your supply chain, drawing on their expertise, while processing the data to provide a custom solution.

We provide high-level corporate-style service, with a boutique customer focused feel.


This is The Profit Nerd's most exclusive tiered service. Providing customized ongoing

1-on-1 operational support in your business to assist with everything from vetting suppliers and project management to liaising with said suppliers and conducting weekly tasks in an effort to create peak operational efficiencies and cost savings for your business.

What's Included In RETAINER:

⭐️ Initial high-level assessment, to align our strategies and figure out proper execution of projects + overseeing ongoing back end tasks in the business.

We measure success in actual dollars saved along with our clients’ satisfaction, and we believe our process is the clearest path to drive your desired outcomes.

⭐️ World-class supply chain organization, consistently demonstrating four elements: a clear strategy, the best-trained people, operational excellence, and optimized systems and technology.


This is what our process consistently delivers.

⭐️ Defining success as actual, sustainable financial results. These savings are measured by the bottom-line impact in terms of COGS reduction (direct materials), SG&A (indirect materials), and/or margin improvement.

We aim to not just save you money, but figure out a clear plan to make you more too.

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Gina Los Angeles

The Profit Nerd company has been without question been one of the best decisions to invest in for my business. A lot of businesses think profits can be improved on the front end with increased price and decrease cost of product but there are so many elements of the supply chain that can help increase profits and LaRitta was able to do that for my business.


I trust her fully and know that she cares about my business just as much as I do as the owner. Best investment!

- Founder of JCLE Enterprises

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Ranay Orton

LaRitta’s value is simply immeasurable! Supply chain is something that many startup companies do not pay much attention to and rarely have systems in place to manage these highly critical parts of any successful business. Her level of expertise in supply chain, inventory management, forecasting and much more has blown my mind. Not only has The Profit Nerd helped us to be in a position to make critical, informed decisions regarding all parts of our supply chain, including but not limited to sourcing, vendor relations, inventory mgmt, forecasting, contract approval, partnerships etc. 

This past year, we had a supplier issue that would have costed us tens of thousands of dollars in loss. With the guidance and expert planning done by Laritta we were able to not just recoup this loss but efficiently put systems in place moving forward to better work with our vendors and streamline our supply chain. Her help with forecasting and sales operations has helped us to 7x our online sales from prior year. Her ability to align our back end operations to support our organization’s goals is unmatched. She has assisted us in meeting the needs of our first national retail partnership and helping us make critical management decisions with our growing distribution channels. 

As an emerging brand, finding top level expertise like The Profit Nerd can be very difficult. I am so happy that I begin working with LaRitta when I did as I truly believe it is one of the most critical services to have, yet many times overlooked. I wish I would have begin working with her sooner!

Founder of Glow By Daye

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